Model Show Europe 2019

Model Show Europe 2019, held in Plantion Ede. Visitors are welcome from 10:00. Further information is below.

Saturday March 16, 2019
€ 10.00
€ 5,00
Address information
Wellensiekstraat 4
6718 XZ

News for exhibitors

Below you can see an image of the floorplan. Click on the image for a larger view. You can print this image if you wish for a floorplan on the day of the show.

Wristbands are not mailed by post. The wristbands are available at the entrance of participants by name.
Exhibitors can start from 7.00 h. untill 10.00 h in the morning. Exhibitors are obligated to wear their wristband during the day.
It is also possible to start building on friday 16th of march from 17.00 h.