Model Show Europe 2019

Model Show Europe 2019, held in Plantion Ede. Visitors are welcome from 10:00. Further information is below.

Saturday March 16, 2019
€ 10.00
€ 5,00
Address information
Wellensiekstraat 4
6718 XZ


When you are a model maker from cranes, heavy haulage ore earth movers, you can participate in this event.

This show, that we organize yearly, is an unique opportunity to show your self build models to all the interested people but also to get in contact with fellow collectors and builders from this kind of models from in- and outside Europe.
Because Modelshow Europe has specialized themselves on this specific model making area, can be the interaction between model makers and public always described as very good.
There is no question that every form, material ore scale is aloud. When you have built an model from metal, wood, synthetic, lego, fischer price ore meccano it doesn't matter. As long the models are related on this specific area of model making. Only cranes, heavy haulage and earth movers.
This organisation offers you also the opportunity to show your models. You will have an unforgettable day.

When you want to show your models you must return your participationform before February 1th, after this date we can't guarantee your participation.

You can fill in the participationform, click on the left on this page on the button at the bottom. Also you can send an email to with your personal information and also with what kind of models you want to show.

Some particularity's:

  • rebuilt models are also welcome
  • participation at this show is free, unless when you sell models.
  • tables and chairs are free.
  • you can let us know your preference with who you want to sit at the same tablerow.
  • for radio controlled models is a big circuit available, also for earth movers there is sand available.
  • this exhibition will be visited by people from several country's, to anticipate on language problems, we make groups from one country at the same table line.

Participation on this event will be an unique experience, with a huge impression, you discover new ideas on this show.